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May 25, 2010

boss’s wife

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Hi all friends. I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories and really enjoy them a lot whether they are real or fantasies. Since never had the creativity to put my fantasies in words I was never able to contribute till today.  This incident happened last month when I was going for a meeting to Pune. First let me introduce myself. I am 28 years old bachelor working for a reputed Pharma company as Medical Representative. I am based at Merit and My Boss Rajeev Agnihotri is also based at Merit.

He was married to a Brahmin girl of Mathura named Bharti Agnihotri. She was a girl whom anybody would like to fuck. She seemed to be decent lady but (more…)


boss and me

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The is a story about something I only could have fantasized about; I never believed it could have come true. I am very much into erotic stories and keep Forum and other erotic story mags around my shop that I read when no one else is here. I keep them in my desk drawer out of sight of course. I have my own business, just a small company, with 3 employees besides myself. I have 2 welders and a young girl as my secretary and receptionist. This story is about her and for her. I hope you like it Natalie.

Natalie came to work for me after her friend had quit here. She was 20 years old, about 5’6” tall, slender, brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and one of the nicest set of boobs I have seen (of course at this time I only imagined (more…)

job interview

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Hi, I am here to tell a story about a village girl named Ranjitha. She was 23 and was very attractive. She had a good sexy body. By seeing her itself the guys will lick their tongue thinking of fucking her. But she was very calm and shy person. She didn’t want to expose her body to any other, that was clearly understood by the way she wears.

In her home her brother and her grandma was there, parents died in an accident.
She finished degree course, but unfortunately she failed in two subjects.
She was the only one in her family who have to look after her brother and grandma. So she decided to search for a job.

She applied for many jobs and attend many interviews, but no use. As she lose two subjects, she was rejected. She badly want a job. On that time she seen a open interview for a model. Anyone between age 18 an 38 can join the interview. She enquired about that and find out that it will be suitable. She thinks about it and decided to attend the interview. Interview was at Ernakulam, its very far from her village. She packed her dresses for 3 or 4 days as she have to stay there.

After a long journey by tarin she reached ernakulam. When she reached there it was almost 7pm.From there, she called an auto in order to find the office. She find out the office and decide to stay at nearby hotels as the interview is scheduled on next day 10:30am.She ate some food before taking room as she thinks that she can have a good sleep after.She takes a room at the hotel near to the office. She enters the room, locks the room and decided to take a bath. As she was alone in the room she undresses and (more…)

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